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Martha started her career with Anglo American’s, Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting after graduating in transportation economics at Ryerson University in Toronto. After development of a distribution system including unit trains and warehousing networks for potash export from Canada; she joined the labor relations department of the company in their pension bargaining unit. She then went to Paris, France to work in project relations for Germinal Informatique, S.A. on their hardware operating platform projects for Schlumberger, Rhone-Poulenec, & Societe Generale. She returned to rural Ontario and became a certified skills development contractor, helping trucking, controlled storage cooperatives and major juice processors procure provincial grants to fund technology re- training programs.

In the Lexington/Central KY region, she has worked in project management, service &
cost analysis for equine and construction sectors. As an Abilita contractor, she continued to provide consulting support to Small business, local Government & non-profit associations for RFI/RFP guidance in VoIP, cellular & intranet projects. Martha has developed extensive cost reduction & revenue sharing criteria in VoIP contract management. She continues to provide guidance for County Detention center solutions for commissary & inmate communication systems & network security. She was appointed as a business advisor to Secured Perimeters (AL) to assist in business development in the Corrections sector during 2016.

Her extensive research data for Inmate tablet deployment, greatly assisted a KY County Regional Jail with strategic planning. During 2017 Martha also wrote a Tablet
Development report for a multi-state Inmate Phone Provider and provided research &
technical guidance on market development for a KY based Inmate Tablet company. In
2017-19 she is working on E-Commissary & Tablet solutions and with IT vendors on an Inmate LAN approach (Fixed wireless & Hybrid intranet) to better ensure security standards are maintained at KY Jails. She also continues to assist County procurement departments write RFP specs or negotiate awarded contracts. Martha has all US-CSB status documents until 2023 as a self -employed contractor.


2007-Current Franklin Co. Regional Corrections, Frankfort KY (subcontractor)

2016-2017 Business Advisor Secured Perimeters International, Falkville Al

2016-2013 Accounting & Operations Valley Performance, Ontario/KY locations

2007-2019 Jail Contract Management Franklin Co. Regional Jail, Frankfort KY

2011-2003 Abilita Project Analyst Owner/Operating Member, Georgetown KY

Included Non Profit projects: KACO, Boyle, Estill, Franklin & Woodford County

1987-2003 Project Software Design Self Employed Contractor, Clarksburg ON & KY


Certified Associate Project Management (CMP) Project Management Institute

BComm- Business Management Economics CITT Ryerson University

Two Short Course Registrations (Case Study centric) Wharton Business School at U of PA

Short Course Registrations (Leadership centric) Centre at U of Alberta

Martha Seagram is the expert that you need.
Choosing a technology consultant can be difficult, Martha makes it easy.

We are happy to assist you with all your correctional facility needs.
Customer Support Representative

Why do I need a correctional technology consultant?

If you work in a correctional facility, you know that it takes a massive group of people to run your program, and there is a myriad of different technologies that your facility is employing to help execute the daily tasks needed to provide proper care and safety to your inmates as well as your employees. Martha Seagram Protocols, Contracts, and Systems (PCS) is the answer to acquiring, organizing, and executing your technologies.

Here at Martha Seagram PCS, we believe that every correctional facility would greatly benefit from hiring a correctional technology consultant. There are too many different technologies available to you for your project team to decipher in addition to all of the things that it takes to run your facilities on the day-to-day

A trustworthy and professional correctional technology consultant will provide you with expert experience and service to help you understand, choose, and implement technologies that will fit best with your prison’s or facility’s needs. 

By having a correctional technology consultant handle your technology needs, you not only free up employees to do their jobs more efficiently and thoroughly, you can trust that you have an expert in this field ensuring that your correctional programs are successful and are meeting all of your needs. If you are ready to have this kind of expertise as part of your team, call now.

Why should I choose Martha Seagram PCS as my correctional technology consultant?

Martha Seagram PCS is a municipal consultant specializing in jail technologies for networks, commissaries, communications, and intranets. Our correctional technology consultants also consult with municipalities to help them put together solid RFPs for technology acquisitions. We can write the RFP, review specs, take care of your negotiations, provide objective scoring for bids (using Kemper Trigo scoring analysis), and oversee implementation. We know the processes and steps to take to make sure you have the technology necessary to run your program. When you work with us, we take care of the applications and paperwork so you can have what you need as soon as possible.


Though we are a small company, we have all of the experience and resources you want in your correctional technology consultant. And because we are small, we offer you unparalleled customer service. You won’t have to waste time waiting on our firm to manage your technologies and contracts. We give you the attention and commitment you need and deserve. When it comes to inmate and employee safety, your technologies play a huge role. That’s why we make it our mission to give you all of the resources and equipment you need to help your programs flourish. Get the guidance you need to achieve your goals. Call now to see how we can benefit your systems.


Do you offer correctional technology consultant services anywhere in the nation?

Martha Seagram PCS can service our clients anywhere in the United States. We have a thorough understanding of all kinds of municipal and correctional systems. We know what you need and how best to get it and implement it into your preexisting systems and methods. Because our services are remote, we can assist you no matter where your facility is located without sacrificing the quality of our services or our individualized care for each of our clients. Call now to see what our correctional technology consultants can do for you.


How can your correctional technology consultants help with my RFPs?

Managing your RFPs and contracts is an extremely time-consuming project. And on top of the time it takes to take care of this paperwork, these tasks require an immense amount of attention to detail. Martha Seagram PCS correctional technology consultants are on your team to handle the paperwork and relieve your facility staff of the administrative burden that comes along with RFPs.


Our experienced correctional technology consultants write solid RFPs that will get your facilities the technologies you need to run smoothly. We review your specs and identify ways to increase your efficiency. Using industry scoring methods, we provide unbiased standard analysis of your bids and then oversee the implementation of your technologies.


How can hiring a correctional technology consultant improve your facility’s performance?

With the advancement of industry-specific technologies, correctional facilities are facing more and more regulations and demands. Martha Seagram PCS assists you in finding a balance between technologies, compliant rate structures, and accurate recoupment of facility costs such as RFPs. Our services provide you with the technologies you need to keep up with the demands on the corrections system while improving your efficiency.


Just because you have more regulations, you don’t necessarily have to find yourself bogged down with red tape. Our correctional technology consultants can determine the services you need to meet standards, run smoothly and safely, and ultimately improve your facility’s performance.


How does hiring a correctional technology consultant affect inmates and staff?

When you hire a correctional technology consultant, you are doing a few things to improve your facility and, resultantly, the quality of life of your inmates and the working environment of your guards and other employees.


Our correctional technology consultants not only help you get the tech you need to operate safely and efficiently, but we do so while reducing costs. Our services help you reduce rates and fees, increase communication transactions and commissions, and recoup facility costs at an extremely high rate. By reducing costs and increasing efficiency, we free up your staff to better care for your inmates which improves moral for everyone involved, increasing quality of life for both staff and inmates. When you choose a Martha Seagram PCS correctional technology consultant, everyone wins. Give us a call to see how our services can benefit your programs and your people.


Martha Seagram PCS is proud to be the industry expert in prison tech: telephones, video visitation, correctional-grade tablets, as well as technology for commissaries and your intranets. We help you acquire the right tech for your jail at the right price with unmatched customer service. When you work with us, you get the guidance you need to achieve your goals. Call now for a consultation. We can’t wait to help your programs thrive.

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